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ACFM is an advanced electromagnetic inspection technique for detecting surface breaking cracks in welded structures. An alternating current is introduced onto the component surface and the crack disturbs the electromagnetic field. The field is analysed and any defects are identified instantaneously to the operator.

Through quantitative measurements, the advanced ACFM technology provides information on defect length and depth without the need for on-site calibration. ACFM enables detection through coatings up to 12mm.

Systems are easy to setup and operate. Immediate defect identification and data recording provide major benefits over Eddy Current and MPI techniques, with independent tests confirming that the level of spurious signals is significantly lower with ACFM. TSC are the developers and sole suppliers of ACFM technology. ACFM offers many advantages over conventional inspection techniques including:

  • Reliable surface crack detection, with sizing for length and depth
  • Significantly reduced cleaning and preparation requirements
  • Detection through paint, rust, grease, thick non-conducting coatings, galvanising and metal spray
  • Easy to use with rapid system set up and no on-site calibration required
  • Ideal for use with remote operators, including diver and rope access technicians


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WIS have implemented and are now accredited to the following: EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2015 and EN ISO 45001:2018.

WIS have attended courses and examinations at QSA-Global in Houston, Texas and now have technicians trained and qualified in Servicing & Maintenance of the QSA-Global equipment. WIS also have technicians trained and qualified in Source Retrieval, this entailed the actual retrieval of a live source, which other companies providing this service do not carry out. WIS intend to roll out these services to NDT Contractors nationwide.