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Replication (REP) provides the engineer with a two-dimensional view of a particular microstructure, similar to that observed in a laboratory metallographic specimen. Features such as grain size and orientation, carbides and cracks are easily identifiable. It can confirm observations made by other non-destructive methods; such as acoustic emission tests, penetrant examination and ultrasonic flaw detection, and go a step further to identify the nature of the flaw. For example, to determine whether a crack is intergranular corrosion or transgranular fatigue.

Replication is frequently used as a tool to verify microstructures of components at remote locations, shop sites and laboratories worldwide. It is used to provide important metallurgical information to support ongoing nondestructive evaluation, forensic investigations, and in any application that requires additional knowledge about the component in question.

Cases where decisions regarding extending the life of particular components, or characterization of flaws can be provided by replication.

Producing a replica requires abrasive preparation using successively finer grits, followed by a final diamond-impregnated cloth polish. The work is done with portable polishing equipment and small diameter (1-inch or 32-mm diameter) grinding and polishing disks.

Observations are made in the field and can also be made in a laboratory after the samples are transported. For field use, a portable 400X magnification microscope is used to observe prepared metal surfaces and the quality of the replica. A portable microscope with photographic capabilities can also be used to provide digital or positive prints of the examined areas.


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WIS have implemented and are now accredited to the following: EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2015 and EN ISO 45001:2018.

WIS have attended courses and examinations at QSA-Global in Houston, Texas and now have technicians trained and qualified in Servicing & Maintenance of the QSA-Global equipment. WIS also have technicians trained and qualified in Source Retrieval, this entailed the actual retrieval of a live source, which other companies providing this service do not carry out. WIS intend to roll out these services to NDT Contractors nationwide.